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Fixed rate savings accounts

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Our accounts are available to individuals, aged 18 years or over, who are resident in Germany. Also, you must have a personal Germany bank or building society account that allows transfers to be made to and from it.

We verify your personal details, including identity, address and bank account information through an online system immediately after you submit your application.

In some cases, we may need additional identification in order to be able to proceed with your application such as a passport.

Savings Account FAQs

Gross Contractual Rate of interest payable before the deduction of any income tax

  • How much can I deposit and how many accounts can I open?

    You are able to apply for an unlimited number of accounts with Petro Trust Finance Bank. Deposits must meet the criteria for the product you have selected.

  • Do you offer the ability to apply as a joint account holder?

    Yes, up to 2 people can apply for a single product.

  • Is there online access to my account?

    No, we do not provide online access for Fixed Term Deposits accounts.

  • Do you accept Cheques?

    No, sorry we do not accept cheques for this product.